High Performance Workforce Increases Productivity, Improves Customer Loyalty, and Creates a Closer Alignment with your Organizational Goals.



culture bottom line

A high performance culture is developed through engaged employees.  Our research reflects that engaged employees can boost profits by as much as 85 percent.  Our culture survey is a trend analysis that tracks 33 metrics either bi-monthly or quarterly.  


Quality of Hire

The quality of hiring high performers can have a significant impact to the performance and financial results of an organization.  We benchmark each position to provide you with a suitability index and interview questions for each applicant.  



Professional development is aligned with the tactical and strategic company changes.  This invaluable tool helps the executive team to grow in concert with their CEO. Our 360 Degree Leadership Assessment helps improve your ability to lead and manage change. 


GSMS Self Assessment

The overall outcome of our primary practices creates a healthy culture that promotes outstanding performance and efficiencies in your organization.  We transform organizations into performance based cultures which has a positive impact on your bottom-line.


“Do you have big hairy audacious performance goals for your organization? My clients often struggle with hiring top talent, lack cohesiveness & productivity among their leadership team, or have an absence of clarity about the mission, vision and values.  We work together to set your organization on the right course to achieve world class results.” Dr. Doreen McGunagle, CEO Global Strategic Management Solutions

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