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The Importance of Organizational Culture

Growing Your Business | Global Strategic Management Solutions

News-about-organizational-cultureOrganizational culture conveys the beliefs and ideas of the goals that need to be pursued by and the appropriate standards of behavior the members of the organization utilize to attain their respective organizational goals.


The organizational values in turn develop the norms, guidelines and expectations for appropriate behavior of employees while in a particular situation as well as control behavior of the members with one another.


In order to make changes in the organizational culture, which is considered difficult, the areas that need to be focused on are putting the heart and mind into it, fostering understanding and conviction, re-enforcing along with formal mechanisms, developing the talent and skills, and role modeling.



The characteristics of the organizational culture depend on three factors:


  1. Innovation and risk taking that mainly determines the rate of allowance of innovation in the business.
  2. Attention to details describes the importance to allot precision and detail in the workplace.
  3. Outcome orientation interprets that the business model should determine the focus on the outcome or process, people orientation is one of the most controversial issues in the culture of the organization, team orientation is required to make efforts in creating teams that have complementary skills and effectively working together.


As a widely used concept, organizational culture is a vital environment condition that affects the systems and subsystems of an organization and examining it is a valuable analytical tool. The executive leaders have a fundamental role to play in the organization through their actions and leadership, while the employees contribute in developing the organizational culture, which is the work environment.


When recruiting, you should look for potential candidates who match your organizational culture. The better the match, it provides an environment which the employee will thrive and be a high performer. 


Check out our hiring benchmark which is based on your desired behaviors so that the employee is a better fit.  We guarantee that our benchmarks allow you to hire correctly every time! One of our clients stated, “This invaluable process is no longer seen as an option or luxury in our hiring process, it is now part of our culture.  We have better happier employees who are more productive.  We as owners are more at ease with our growth because of the innate quality of the people propelling us forward."