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The Types Of Organizational Culture

Growing Your Business | Global Strategic Management Solutions

types-of-organizational-cultureThere are different types of organizational culture in the world. There is no general benchmark that will regard as one culture being inferior to the other and hence there is no competition of cultures. However depending on what you are looking at in an organization, then you can either categorize a culture as being weak or strong.


Different people and even different corporate companies have very different opinions regarding the types of organization structures that are there in existence. However, they all generally come into a consensus that there are four cultures that are visible to all the companies. All the firms agree that the organizations usually display traits that they can fit in the four classifications of the cultures.


The first custom that is common is called the tough guy custom. It is also widely known as the macho background. The most common feature or characteristic about this custom is the high rewards and the feedback that come with it. The pace may be very fast but the reward of the actions is visible after a very short while. When you put this into financial context, this can be associated with the very fast financial activities. These include brokerage and also currency trading.


Apart from the financial companies, the background can be associated with individual athletes, the police force and even a sports team. When an athlete wins a race, the impact is seen right away. This background is quite successful in businesses that require a certain mentality to succeed or thrive.


The other type of background is work hard and plays hard custom. This custom is for the firms that do not take many risks but it allows low risk but the feedback is quick. The most visible result as an attribution to the background is the big companies that are heavily reliant on customer service. The greatest characteristic displayed by this custom is through specialized jargon, many team meetings and buzzwords.


Another background that is displayed by organizations is the process culture. This can be easily visible by firms that require no feedback. It is a great custom which is very rare. The downside of the background is that people are always engraved on the process of doing something such that the goal is usually forgotten. It is usually there just for bureaucracy. It is very cautious in its procedures and follows the law to the letter. The good thing about this custom is that the process is transparent and hence recommended for public services.


The fourth type of background is bet your company culture. This is where the decisions made have very repercussions. The results are not seen immediately and may stay for months or even years. The common companies that have this background are research companies. They are involved in searches and experimental projects. Good examples are the companies that prospect for oil and the companies that deal with development of military weapons.


Those are the generally accepted types of organizational culture. Many companies fall in one of the groups. One should be informed before telling which custom is the best for the company. Organizations today are often using a culture assessment to create a healthy organizational culture.  Culture assessments offer an organization a great competitive advantage in their industry.