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Important Goals Of Organizational Development

Growing Your Business | Global Strategic Management Solutions

The goals of organizational development are formulated on the basis of particular situations. These goals or objectives vary from place to place and situation to situation. In, simple words, the objectives of an enterprise are customized to suit the requirements of different situations of the organization. However, the basic objectives have certain common things. Some of the common and important goals of organizational development are as follows.


The objectives of a company are focused on educating individuals of the company about the mission of the enterprise. Organizational development enables employees to align with the mission of their company. This keeps the workers united to achieve the common goal.


Workers are motivated to solve the problems of the enterprise assigned to them instead of avoiding those problems. Solving problems sharpens the skills of the employees which in turn improves their performance and allow them to stretch in their positions. As a result, employees work effectively to their fullest potential in achieving the targets of the company.


Workers are encouraged to participate in the planning process depending upon their skills. This makes them realize their responsibility and drive them to work for proper and effective implementation of the plan. Workers participation increases their working efficiency to perform better to attain the targets and objectives of the company.


Certain objectives of the company are directed at developing good communication channel between workers and management of the enterprise. The absence of a communication channel may give rise to communication gap which may act as a big obstacle in uniting the employees as well as the resources of the organization. An effective communication channel develops trust, cooperation and helps in strengthening ties among workers as well as management to strive hard for the success of the company.


Organizational development aims at creating a friendly and stress free working atmosphere where workers are encouraged and motivated to work efficiently for the profitability of the company. Such an atmosphere at the place of work facilitates better working environment so that workers work enthusiastically. As a result, their efficiency as well as productivity is enhanced; this is necessary for the healthy growth of any business enterprise.


With changing business environment, it is necessary to implement changes within the organization. Organizational development creates a conducive environment of trust which motivates and guides workers in an organization to accept the changes resulting from dynamic changes in a business. Acceptance of change by workers boosts the working efficiency of the organization to perform better.


Thus, the primary and common aim is to repose trust and confidence among the workers of the organization. When the employees feel that they are an important part of the enterprise, they work enthusiastically and contribute their best efforts for the success of the organization. The increased efficiency as a result of increased cooperation by all employees of the company goes a long way in enhancing the overall performance of the enterprise. Companies that achieve desired goals of organizational development enjoy an edge over their counterparts in the market and fare better. On the other hand, business enterprises that do not capitalize on attaining desired objectives lag behind and fail to succeed in the long run.